In Mai Aini refugee camp Our organization

 ERDA employed and paid 2,000 Birr for 4 days in 2 camps to an eye glass specialist Mr.Ashenafi for eye exam and distribute the eye glasses, which our member Marion Sprenger has donated to ERDA for the refugees. Within 2 complete days he was able to give 208 persons the proper eye glass. In addition nearly 130 eye glasses were deposited in the camp for the future.

In Adi Harush distributing eyeglasses:

Our eye specialist Mr Ashenafi examines the people to hand out the right glasses. Our project management and the community leaders and the staff of the clinic were helping the distribution under the supervision of ARRA and the UNHCR. So we were able to distribute 149 glasses to beneficiaries. In addition we deposit 211 glasses Adi Harush for the future. We also introduced our new eye glass specialist Mrs. Behafta Kahsay, she wills this and the following day examines the eyes and also distributes the right eye glasses to the eye handicapped people. Also she was hired and paid (1600 birr for 4 days in 2 camps) by ERDA.

In Shimelba camp, distributing eye glasses

Also in this camp our eye glass specialist examined and distributed the glasses. In total we were able to distribute was 350 glasses and so many people now can see well. And in this particular camp there were so many old people and even young once who really are in need of eyeglasses. Hintsats refugee camp distributing eye glasses The eye glass specialist Mrs. Bahafta Kahsay examines the eyes of the beneficiaries and hands over the right eye glasses. In a total of 105 people are now able to see well.

in Shimelba refugee camp, distributing eye glasses

 Also in Shimelba camp our eye glass specialist examines and distributes the glasses. In total our organization was able to distribute 350 glasses and so many people could see well.