ERDA Educational Project 2022 -2023

Veröffentlicht: Montag, 03. Oktober 2022

ERDA Educational Project 2022 -2023


We are asking you to make a donation to the Eritrean Relief & Development Association (ERDA) e.V. to fulfill its projects aimed at helping Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia and Sudan. At the moment we are concentrating on supporting the needy renovation of the schools built by the Eritrean refugee families and their needy students in Sudan.

With your donation you contribute to:

  • Generators can be purchased.

The temperature in the classrooms often exceeds 40 degrees

  • The buildings can be renovated

It's raining through the ceiling

  • School fees can be paid

Only then will the children receive their certificate

  • Teachers can be paid.

So far, these could only be partially remunerated




Without your help, our projects will remain just a dream.

Veröffentlicht: Samstag, 01. Oktober 2022

There is a district in Eritrea on the Ethiopian border that contains two villages. Because of the "shoot to kill" order of the Eritrean government, the Eritrean military shot and injured a fleeing woman several times (approx. 6 times) at this border. In order to save her, the Ethiopian military had to intervene on the other side of the border to protect the woman. This region of Eritrea is now free from the dictatorial influence of the Eritrean government and has been put under the protection and administration of the Eritrean opposition group DFEU (member of the umbrella organization of the opposition ENCfDC). Today these villages are self-governing through democratically elected committees. These self-governing committees need all possible support.

Our aim is to help the self-government committees to carry out their work in health and education-related projects. Thanks to the Ethiopian government, the children of these villages are allowed to attend an adjacent Ethiopian school. According to this educational program, young children also have to go to kindergarten before they start school visited.

Weiterlesen: Without your help, our projects will remain just a dream.


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